Support Denver's Road Home

Mile High United Way is leading the fundraising efforts for Denver's Road Home.

Give to solutions that will have a lasting impact on the lives of the homeless.

Together we can end homelessness in Denver in the next ten years, making Denver a better place to live, for everyone. Make a tax-deductible investment in our community.

  • $25 provides 5 weeks' worth of food supplies for one person.
  • $50 provides for a two-week stay in a shelter for one person.
  • $100 provides one week of counseling to help a young person exit the streets.
  • $500 provides one month of financial training and services to allow a young adult to become self-sufficient.
  • $1,000 provides 7 and a half months of one-on-one counseling for a family at Brunetti Lofts to help them achieve the skills to live independently.
  • $1,200 supports a family to move out of homelessness through the Family and Senior Homeless Initiative.
  • $12,000 houses a chronically homeless person in the City of Denver and surrounds them with services.

If you would like to donate please contact:

Angie Nelson at or (720)944-2885

You may also email

Sponsor a Donation Meter

The Better Way to Give Donation Meters generate donations from sponsors and spare change.  We are proud to announce that the funds collected from our new smart meters will be dedicated to mental health and substance abuse services in our community. The Donation Meter Program is an important part of Denver's Road Home's partnership with the greater Denver community to successfully deliver long-term solutions for the homeless.

The annual meter sponsorship fee is $1,000 per meter and we are proud to say that our sponsors include everyone from private citizens and families to employee groups, small businesses and corporations. This project has significantly exceeded expectations in generating both community awareness and resources for Denver's Road Home and we hope you'll join us as we continue on this exciting journey.

Please view our Donation Meter Overview to find out how you can become a sponsor.

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